The Stanzia Castellani farm is located on the southern tip of Island Cres, 10 minutes from Osor (15 minutes by bicycle), Croatia.  The organic farm, encompassing a 5 hectare cultivated land, a large untouched forest area and a revived ‘stanzia’ runs entirely on solar energy.

Our aim is to revive the local autochthon vegetation and sustain the biodiversity present in our corner of the Kvarner region. We grow plants that are typical in this area and throughout the Mediterranean. We believe that reintroducing local varieties of olives, lavender and indigenous plants, such as the buhač and the helichrysum will help sustain the diversity endemic to the region.

With re-creating this organic farm we hope to help preserve the rural aesthetic of small-scale artisanal agricultural production. The Castellani farm is open to visitors and as a ‘boutique farm’ offers not only delicious organic products but also the chance to experience in person the amazing local vegetation.

Whether you want to take part in production and try your skills as an artisanal producer in one of our many workshops on offer, or you are just looking to relax surrounded by the stunning settings of the Castellani farm, we are sure your experience will be memorable.